Why is training on privacy and information security so important?

Nearly ever member of the Acadia community has access to confidential information, whether it be personal, student, research or financial information. As the loss or disclosure of this information could be very harmful to both individuals and the institution, it's important to know how to protect it.  

Training is refreshed annually with new content and modules.

An overview guide to cybersecurity and privacy at Acadia (please note an Acadia username/password is required to access this guide).

Who should take the training?

Awareness training is available for all employees, students and campus guests. All members of the campus community have a responsibility to take the training.

How to get started?

Using your Acadia username and password, login into the Cybersecurity Awareness Training Portal:

Employees/Guests: https://secure.terranovasite.com/portal/Login/e/acadiauniversity

Students: https://secure.terranovasite.com/portal/Login/e/acadiauniversitystudents


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